Cowes Floating Bridge suspended as ‘safety precaution’ over concerns about prow cable

The engineers won’t be inspecting the floating bridge until Monday, so as a safety precaution it’s been taken out of service over the weekend

floating bridge suspended sign

The Cowes Floating Bridge is suspended yet again this weekend.

The Isle of Wight council say FB6 has been pulled from service because of concerns about the prow cable.

They say,

“The Cowes Floating bridge is withdrawn from service this weekend (10th and 11th April) as a safety precaution due to concerns regarding a prow cable.

“A temporary launch service will operate until engineers have inspected the vessel on Monday and any repairs are carried out.

“The Isle of Wight Council apologise for any inconvenience.”

The Isle of Wight councillor for East Cowes Karl Love (Ind) told News OnTheWight,

“Once again it’s off. Every time it’s off its costing Island taxpayers money.

“There is only one worthy solution. Replacing it.”

Saturday, 10th April, 2021 6:34am



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8 Comments on "Cowes Floating Bridge suspended as ‘safety precaution’ over concerns about prow cable"

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Oh no not again. This is a floating joke. Time to replace this with somthing that works would be a nice change.


You could say the same about the IW Council. Will the population be motivated enough to take suitable voting action?


Sadly no… it’s all the old f**ts who for generations have voted conservative regardless….

Benny C

I wish someone would suspend Ian Ward as a safety precaution.

Mark L Francis

Perhaps it should only be a “news” item when it actually works.
Saves time, at least.

Benny C
Great idea. We could have a small festival when it’s running and Dave Stewart could award prizes for competitions like “Guess the time till the next breakdown”, “spot the accountable Councillor” ( never likely to be any winners for that one, the rollover will run into the millions). Councillor Churchman could run the disco afterwards using her valuable live radio experience. She’d probably turn up looking slightly… Read more »

The best safety precaution would be to sink it with those who orchestrated it being built.


It’s long past time that FB6 assumed the only duty it’s fit for, as a floating target for Royal Navy artillery practice.