Further improvements made at Isle of Wight NHS Trust, say CQC (updated)

The latest inspection found improvements in several areas of the Isle of Wight NHS Trust. Details within

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The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has published the findings of a focused inspection of acute services based in St Mary’s Hospitals at Isle of Wight NHS Trust.

The inspection, which took place in February 2019 was to ensure improvements had been embedded and sustained following an earlier inspection by CQC in May 2019. At the May inspection, CQC issued the service a warning notice. 

Improvements to several areas of provision were reported in September 2019

Improvements made
At this most recent inspection (March 2020), the trust showed it had worked hard and met the requirements of the warning notice to deliver care safely. 

  • Nursing records were fully found to be completed for patients on the coronary care unit.
  • Most staff followed the trust’s processes to identify, monitor and act upon patients at risk of deterioration.
  • Stroke patients were being cared for by staff with the right skills, training and experience.
  • Improvements had been made to promote better outcomes for stroke patients.

Oldham: Important we don’t lose sight of our ambition
Maggie Oldham, Chief Executive at Isle of Wight NHS Trust, said,

“I am very proud of how well our teams have responded to the challenges of dealing with Coronavirus and I am also hugely grateful for their efforts to continue to improve the services that we provide.

“It is important that we don’t lose sight of our ambition to provide the very best possible healthcare and the latest report from the Care Quality Commission shows that we are still making progress.

“Thank you to everyone involved and to our Island community for their continued support.”

Full details of the inspection report are scheduled to be published on the CVQC’s Website.

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12.20pm 8th Apr 2020 – Comment from Maggie Oldham added

News shared by John on behalf of the Care Quality Commission. Ed

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Alternative Perspective

Excellent news

Now Matt Hancock has announced he was writing off NHS Hospital Trust Debts, hopefully St Mary’s can find the scope to invest in, and support, key areas, rather than having to continually look for where it can make cuts.

Perhaps Bob Seely can ensure St Mary’s is adequately funded in future years by the Government.