Here’s who is paid over £100,000 at Isle of Wight council

The Town Hall Rich List sets out who were the highest earners at Isle of Wight council in 2019/20

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The 2021 Town Hall Rich List shares details of council employees who are paid over £100,000 in total remuneration.

The list is compiled by the TaxPayers’ Alliance and has been running since 2007.

On the Isle of Wight there are six senior staff at County Hall who achieved an income higher than £100,000 in 2019/20 and therefore qualify for the 14th Town Hall Rich List.

Chief Executive
The Chief Executive, John Metcalfe, who has worked at the council since July 1997 (23 years) when he joined as Deputy Director Economy, Tourism and Leisure is the highest earner on the payroll.

Including his pension (£31,104) and £250 in the ‘other’ category, his total remuneration came to £163,712.

Lowest of the six
Meanwhile the Assistant Chief Executive and Chief Strategy Officer, Wendy Perera – former head of the Planning Department – achieved a total remuneration of £120,477. This includes a pension of £22,925.

The full details
Details of the other senior officers can be found in the table below.

NameJob titleSalaryOtherPensionTotal
John MetcalfeChief Executive£132,358£250£31,104£163,712
Carol TozerDirector of Adult Social Services£119,215£28,015£147,230
Chris AshmanDirector of Regeneration£108,931£25,599£134,530
Clare ShandDirector of Corporate Services£99,374£6,303£23,353£129,030
Colin RowlandDirector of Neighbourhoods£102,498£24,087£126,585
Wendy PereraAssistant Chief Executive & Chief Strategy Officer£97,552£22,925£120,477

Not the highest
The remuneration still doesn’t beat that of former PFI programme director, Jay Jayasundara, who managed to pull in a whopping £180,000+ a year when working at the council. He left the council and has since returned, more recently in 2019, achieving £130,000 remuneration over eight months.

Source: Tax Payers’ Alliance

Image: The Man in Blue under CC BY 2.0

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Mike Starke
The time-honoured (sic) tradition of overpaying its senior executives has always been justified by IW Council leaders as “having to pay top dollar to recruit and retain the best…” Perhaps it’s worth noting that the current chief executive, John Metcalfe, is the twelfth holder of the post since 1968, the year after he joined in another capacity. That means the “retention” of these municipal mandarins has amounted… Read more »

The best Mike, my god that’s very concerning we’ve got no chance.

Benny C
If he was good at his job and, say, lifted thousands of families out of poverty, created hundreds of jobs, created growth and topped national league tables for civic performance, £500k a year would be a relative bargain and would keep the goodness flowing for all of us. But – he isn’t good enough. He repeatedly gets fobbed off by Whitehall. He employs underwhelming senior execs (… Read more »
@ Benny C. In fairness, the Director of Regeneration post was created by the tory administration cabinet along with a deputy post paying aroung £90,000.(plus pension (lol)) Who knows how many others are in the department? Having stripped out various management posts in previous officer reorganisations it was deemed necessary to employ someone who knew their way around and tapping into the governments money streams amongst other… Read more »
Benny C
Sounds plausible but tapping into grants to pay for terrible work presumably from consultants directed by said officers is a pointless circular exercise. The output tells the story. It’s simply not very good. This department misses opportunities, left right and centre, across the island. We are surrounded by a wealthy catchment, unassailable natural resources and we have a phenomenal location advantage over our competing counties. Yet they’re… Read more »
@ Benny C. Point taken. The point I was trying to make is that there are areas of expertise sadly lacking within the council as various “reorganisations” and outsourcing have left the cupboard pretty bare. Mr. Ashman does have the track record and knowledge of how the money works within his area of expertise. Whether or not he can attract investment in to the Island remains to… Read more »
Benny C

Time will tell. So far the signs aren’t great. We seem to be getting the same service a few small Welsh projects benefited from a few years ago (and I can find absolutely no metrics by which success might be demonstrated on any of them – jobs, economy, wellbeing, crime, opinion, etc). and they’re hardly a parallel to the significant opportunities being wasted here.


Is that the Carol Tozer and exGuernsey health chief who quit after damning report?

How did she ever end up on the Isle of Wight in charge of Adult Social Care?


The island’s Adult Social Care ought to be placed in full with the IW NHS Trust to deliver a fully integrated service, whilst saving money on things like these enormous executive salaries, which hard pressed IW Council taxpayers are funding.


Placing Adult Social Care with the NHS make huge sense, since it will ensure a much better service for islanders.

Geoff Brodie

Whilst I don’t necessarily disagree, don’t forget the IW NHS Trust was placed into special measures not so long ago and as far as I know is still under close supervision.

Geoff Brodie

It is. The Minutes of the relevant appointments committee in October 2016 read: “a named vote took place on two preferred candidates, *** and Carol Tozer. *** – Cllrs Lumley and Stubbings. Carol Tozer – Cllrs Blezzard, Hutchinson and Kendall.” Interestingly Steve Stubbings was then the Cabinet member for Adult Social Care.

Alternative Perspective

The IW NHS Trust was placed into ‘special measures’ during the last administration, which is why the present CEO was appointed to turn things around. Despite the ongoing difficulties with lack of government funding it is expected the Trust will be lifted out of special measures during the next CCQ inspection, which has been understandable delayed due to Covid-19


Is this the same Carol Tozer who seems to have mysteriously disappeared over the past 6 months, during a world wide pandemic?
So she is being paid £10,000 a month for what exactly?


So she is being paid £10,000 a month for what exactly?

For hiding in the cupboard.


Which of these officers is responsible for the floating bridge shambles?

Exactly where does the buck stop?

Geoff Brodie

The buck should always stop with the politicians. Officers advise, councillors decide. There is too much hiding behind chief officers on this council.


The politicians decide the directions, the IOWC Officers carry it out. The IOWC Officers let of Contracts; they are to blame for the fiasco of the Floating Bridge.

Benny C
The politicians are accountable for Officers actions. They’re the ‘non execs’ who are supposed to ask intelligent questions, oversee management and ensure appropriate strategy, competent delivery and value for money are achieved on behalf of us all. Ensuring the right quality officers are in place is one aspect of that role. Including the CEO. Our Councillors have a wealth of evidence that the IOW underperforms as an… Read more »
Geoff, the Independents weren’t engineers and didn’t know something was wrong with the floating bridge, and apparently according to some of them, the officers were less than forthcoming when asked about it.. But the Tories ignored engineers advice and wasted millions of pounds these last 4 years, full well knowing there were major engineering problems that qualified engineers were pointing out and correctly predicting future problems with… Read more »

Also of note re: floating bridge , the Project Sponsor of the floating bridge 6 project was CEO John Metcalfe, and the Project Manager was Sean Newton. That information of the Project Board is available in the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership’s Solent Gateways Business Plan.

Yes Geoff Brodie, you are correct, and councillors did decide we needed a replacement floating bridge, but it remains the responsibility of the Chief Executive and his many officers to have procured one which is fit for the intended purpose, which they have manifestly failed to do. Worse still, public money continues to be squandered by these local civil servants on a lost cause, because not one… Read more »
I don’t believe this is a complete list. John Metcalfe created four positions paying around £100,000 about two years ago, I don’t see them all there. Plus there is the second regeneration post. Plus those of course just under the £100,000 threshold perhaps because of the disingenuous way of separating off the pension payments that us normal mortals have as part of our pay. Perhaps the council… Read more »

Absolutely outrageous especially the CEO what a joke but it’s not funny it’s insulting, immoral and completely unjustified and an inappropriate distribution of public money.

Mike Starke

Correction to my last: that should be the 12thb holder of the CX post since 1998, not 1968.


Businesses collapse if they are badly run.
Unfortunately Councils don’t.

Benny C

Yes they do. Croydon and Liverpool of late.

Benny C

The report on the decades of failure in Liverpool is hair raising. Croydon is a car crash of more recent making. Those folk have been royally shafted using their own money. The fact these are both labour controlled is irrelevant. IOWC ranks poorly in too many categories for anyone’s liking and whilst it may not be on the critical list it’s hardly something to be proud of.

Can someone please tell me what John Metcalfe and the rest of these muppets actually do because I certainly haven’t heard any of their names associated with anything good that’s taken place on the island. Indeed to get to John Metcalfe (not possible) you have to try and break through layers of protection encircling him in his ivory tower. The salaries and index-linked superannuation pensions of those… Read more »

Think it is time we save some money by letting Jay leave, surely we have staff who can do what he does, if not then we need to justify heads of sections pay – they need to be better qualified and specialised staff only used when ABSOLUTELY necessary. Cannot believe we haven’t the knowledge base in house.


This is obscene.It might be reasonable if the council were doing a good job, but they clearly are not.

Angela Hewitt

Sticking my neck out here. The Trouble is John Metcalf is just too nice trying to work with a load of silly Councilors that somehow think that they are special.

Geoff Brodie

Angela. I quite enjoy your comments here, but when are you going to admit to being an IW Councillor yourself in the past? An Independent councillor for Osborne ward 1998-2001. A time when the LibDems depended on Independent votes like yours. Was it any better with you there?

Benny C
A well made point in part. Trouble is, he isn’t astute enough to control them. I agree the majority of Councillors fall way short of competency levels expected, as the consequences of their decisions demonstrates time and again. Their inconsistent performance costs islanders a lot of money, leaving no option but to fund sub optimal outcomes and accept lost opportunities. Most of these have damaging long term… Read more »
Benny C
In anticipation of another “explain yourself” request – sorting out officer competency properly , holding Councillors to account by promoting and operating a transparent regime which has been sold to the Leader in a way he or she can’t wriggle out of, by making sensible arguments in a way that overcomes the known risks encountered when operating with decision makers of limited ability and by delivering a… Read more »

Random moderation you say Sally, really?? Once again a perfectly appropriate comment of mine has gone to moderation probably stuck in your ‘spam’ box again??


I realise these seem large amounts, but senior executives and directors in business earn that much and more. £1m salaries are commonplace now, plus a range of benefits local government cannot emulate.
IOW council in terms of assets, funds and workforce would approximate to a medium-sized business.
So I wouldn’t get excited about them being paid this much; but I WOULD BE if they aren’t good enough.


They are no good and like business take the money and put nothing in.

Benny C

Unless its the floating bridge, where we put the money in and get nothing out.