Isle of Wight skateboarding brand Wight Trash 15 years old and still going strong

Legendary Isle of Wight skateboarder, John Cattle, founded Wight Trash back in 2004. 15 years on and the brand is known around the world, he’s running skate session five days a week and will be celebrating five years of having a shop in Ryde this summer.

john cattle with martha and bam margera

John (on the right) with Bam Margera and Martha (Wight Trash’s youngest female team member)

A very happy 15th birthday to Isle of Wight skateboard company, Wight Trash.

Founded by the Isle of Wight’s legendary skateboarder John Cattle back in 2004 and originally selling skateboards, Wight Trash quickly went on to producing skateboarding films, creating T-Shirts and other merchandise for sale through their Website, and for the last five years have had a shop in Ryde (top of the High Street), as well as running skateboarding lessons for all ages across the Island.

John says,

“It’s 15 whole years since I took a chance on trying to make a living from selling skateboards! (Still not quite got there, but money’s overrated anyway!)

“We couldn’t have got this far without the help of many, many fantastic people.”

Outstanding Coach
Last year John picked up an award from the Sports Foundation for ‘Outstanding Achievement’ as a Coach. As anyone who has seen John in action with his students would agree, it was recognition that was richly deserved.

As well as being extremely patient and mild mannered with his students – be they micro-shredders to teens to adult beginners – John is incredibly supportive and provides great encouragement.

Six years for Zoe
For the last six years he’s has been joined at Wight Trash by Zoe Thompson. Whilst John concentrates on the skate club sessions all through the week, Zoe looks after the shop and business side of things.

Her get up and go attitude has been really noticeable in taking the business forward and, as well as her great pastoral qualities with skaters young and old who go into the shop, Zoe can build a board from scratch in no time at all.

Wight Trash World
The Wight Trash brand is well-known across the globe and that’s down to John’s reputation and the skaters who support the company.

John goes on to say,

“We can’t quite believe we’re still here, and it’s only possible from all of you who help us out, all our awesome skaters and especially all of you who buy stuff, and scatter Wight Trash all over the world. Which is something, when people send us pictures of WT in Oz, Canada, USA, China, Spain, Norway and other far flung places, we never get tired of seeing.

“When you buy something from us, or stock our decks, you help us to help our local skate community.”

Evolution of Wight Trash boards
Over on their Facebook Page, you can see details of some of the early Wight Trash boards, with props to Don Brider, Nick Zorlac from Death skateboards, and not forgetting Simon Toms who made the pro series decks – Greg Nowik ‘Sh*t Happens!’, Avi ‘Pie and Smash’ and Flynn Trotman ‘Daily Grind’, as well as the many Alex Moul guest boards.

Supporting a small Isle of Wight business
If you are looking to buy a new set-up, or perhaps refresh your trucks, wheels, bearings or need some new t-shirts, hoodies or protective gear, do try Wight Trash first – as a small independent business, they survive through the support of their customers.

Finishing, John says,

“It’s certainly not been easy, and more recently it’s been a tough time for skater-owned brands and skate shops.

“As long as you’re still buying we’ll be sticking around for a few more years.”

15 years birthday skate
This Saturday John is planning to celebrate the last 15 years by doing a different trick at 15 skate parks around the Isle of Wight, including a pit stop at latest exhibition at Quay Arts by skater Ged Wells of skate company, Insane.

Find out more over on the Facebook event page, where you’ll find approximate timings for each skate park visit.

And you can find out more about the John Cattle’s Skate Club by visiting the Facebook Page. You never know, you could be rolling very soon!

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