Letter: ‘Jo Swinson inspirational leader’, says former parliamentary candidate

Nick Belfitt says the new Liberal Democrat leader is young, dynamic and passionate in what she believes in.

Jo Swinson

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This from Nick Belfitt, former prospective parliamentary candidate for the Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats. Ed

It’s a fantastic victory for Jo Swinson. She is an inspirational leader, she is young, dynamic and passionate in what she believes in. She contains all the experience of being a great leader and her passion for stopping Brexit, taking on populism, building a greener future, creating a better society and fairer economy is what will drive her forward and will drive this party forward.

A passion to win back voters and rebuild party
I knew a few weeks ago I would be voting for her, I met her when I went to my first Young Liberal conference back in 2015 after she had just lost her seat, even though she was defeated she came out with such a passion to want to win back voters and rebuild the party.

I was inspired then, and I believe she will inspire others to do the same. This is the kind of leader people in this country are crying out for, large sections of society feel the two main parties are just not listening to the everyday person, instead stuck with hard right or left ideologues.

Jo speaks to these forgotten people and gives us a voice, I think she will striker a great tone with people young and old.

Praise for Vince Cable
I met Vince Cable last year at conference, he always asked me how the Isle of Wight was.

I want to thank Vince on behalf of the local party, his hard work to helping the Liberal Democrats become a strong face against rising nationalism and populism has given us all hope for the future. He will be remembered as a great leader.

Parliamentary Candidate
The local Liberal Democrat party is already in the process of electing their Parliamentary Candidate for the Island and will be announcing this over the coming months.

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Wednesday, 24th July, 2019 4:52pm


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iain mckie

Any party actively looking to overturn the result of the 2016 EU Referendum is no friend of democracy.


Another perspective, sounds more like same old Labour “the youth are so hard done by” to me…if you don’t want to pay the loan back don’t go to uni. Exactly how many people does this country need with degrees, useless degrees at that.

Alternative Perspective

Desperate rebranding leadership bid form a Party that has never been forgiven for toadying up with the Tory’s to sell our younger generation down the river with regard to student university fees


“young, dynamic and passionate” and a “passion for stopping Brexit”

Dear Jo Swinston
You put yourself forward to be democratically elected, and your most notable attribute is your opposition to a democratic vote?

Cake and eat it comes to mind – you will likely go far in the Liberal Democrats, but the real world awaits.

How about learning about our constitution? It’s a REPRESENTATIVE one, which means MPs make the decisions. Isn’t the “sovereignty of Parliament” something Brexiteers were supposed to be claiming? If MPs were simply to vote as their constituents did Rees Mogg and the DUP would have been forced to vote REMAIN. And if you still want to talk about democracy go and look at the Leave documents from… Read more »
iain mckie

At the NFU Referendum debate in 2016 at The Chequers pub Nick Belfitt claimed that the UK had two European Commissioners. Yet another Remain supporter who didn’t have the foggiest about the EU.



Alternative Perspective

Leaving aside inspirational leader Jo Swinson for a second, is there any news of whether, or not, Bob Seely has been summoned to the Cabinet Office yet?