Letter: ‘Two-tier approach’ to healthcare ‘is a disgrace’

This reader has asked the Labour leader to pose a question on his behalf at PMQs. He’s unhappy about the “two-tier approach” to healthcare in the UK.

hands off our nhs

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I have emailed the Isle of Wight NHS Trust to find out how the St Mary’s Hospital facilities and staff are being used as regards the private health sector. I cannot get a reply.

I have therefore asked Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to do the following:

Dear Jeremy Corbyn,

I would like you to put a question forward during Question Time asking why it is that a NHS consultant who is paid out of the public purse for some 15 years can, after his/her training, swan off to work in the private health sector.

Surely such a person owes it to the system to be contracted to work for a similar period of time exclusively within the NHS?

Also why can’t the NHS be properly funded, such that it is, not selling its facilities and services to the private health sector, whereby the ordinary common-gardening NHS patient is having to queue behind the private health care individual, who is able to queue jump?

The two sectors should be entirely independent of each other.


Kevin Jenkins

Although my own condition is apparently not too important, I was recently given to believe that if I had been a private patient, my own consultation, as requested by my GP, would be handled more quickly.

This two tier approach is frankly a disgrace.

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Tuesday, 7th November, 2017 8:56am


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Many people deride the state of Cuba, but they have got things right that we can only dream of under current and recent governments. Education, wthin the limits of Cuban resources, is excellent and would shame many UK schools. Health care is second to none, and one of the reasons goes back to Mr Jenkins point: a doctor, after being educated and then trained, is required to… Read more »
Rhos yr Alarch

Not to mention the doctors from developing countries, who can ill afford to lose them after their training, coming to the U.K. to fill the gaps left by home-grown doctors leaving the NHS.


Why then have so many people over the years wanted to escape from Cuba? Basically, it is because it is a dictatorship like North Korea and Venezuela. Please name a communist/socialist country which has economic success, freedom or democracy.