See what has Bob Seely voted for while Isle of Wight MP

It’s all very well what MPs say in public, what counts is what they vote for. OnTheWight has compiled a list of what Bob Seely voted from since getting elected.

bob seely in parliament

With the Polling Stations opening just over 12 hours, OnTheWight thought it would be informative to look at Bob Seely’s voting record at Westminster

Robert Seely was elected as MP for the Isle of Wight in the June 2017 General Election. He took the seat with 38,190 votes, attracting 51.8% of the vote.

Bob’s first vote
As reported by OnTheWight in June 2017, Bob used his first vote in Parliament to block an amendment that would have given firefighters, ambulance staff, nurses and teachers a fair pay rise. He has taken part in many votes since then.

You can see Bob’s full voting record via the Parliament Website. There are over 400 votes to work through, so we thought we’d show a selection as chosen by the They Work For You Website. You can jump down to those below.

How much Bob agrees with policies in percentages
Perhaps more interesting is the list of policies compiled by Public Whip (who describe themselves as an independent, non-governmental project to help the general public understand MP’s voting patterns – more below).

They complied this chart which shows (based to his voting record), how much Bob Seely agrees with and each of these policies, ordered alphabetically.

If you want to dig deeper into Public Whip’s numbers, they provide links to each of the policies and break down the votes and how they reach each of the percentages.

50%Abortion, Embryology and Euthanasia- Against
0%Brexit veto for Scotland, Wales and NI
100%Decamp from Palace of Westminister During Works
86%Delegate more powers to government ministers
50%Do more to help refugees inclding children
100%Energy Prices - More Affordable
15%European Union - For
100%Excess Bedroom Benefit Reduction - Social Tenants
6%For the UK to Remain a Member of the EU
27%Further devolution to Northern Ireland
20%Further devolution to Scotland
23%Further devolution to Wales
100%GP Commissioning in the NHS
0%Higher Pay for Public Sector Workers
0%Higher taxes on banks
75%Homosexuality - Equal rights
75%HS2 - In Favour
50%Human Rights and Equality
0%Incentivise Low Carbon Electricity Generation
100%Increase Air Passenger Duty
100%Increase the income tax - tax free allowance
100%Increase VAT
100%Measures to reduce tax avoidance.
0%Minumum Wage
0%More Emergency Service Workers
67%More powers for local councils
0%MPs decide if to approve a withdrawal agreeement
9%Openness and Transparency - In Favour
50%Recreational drugs - Against legalization
100%Reduce central funding for local government
100%Reduce taxes on domestic property transactions
0%Regulate letting agent fees
100%Retention of Business Rates by Local Government
38%Right for EU Citizens in the UK to Stay
13%Role of MPs in the House of Commons - Strengthen
100%Same Sex Marriage - for
0%Stop climate change
100%University Tuition Fees - For

A selection of other votes
According to They Work for You, Bob voted against (their selection):

He also voted for:

You can read the list in full on the They Work For You Website.

You can also see a more comprehensive list of how Bob Seely voted during his term (8th June 2017-6th November 2019) on the Public Whip Website. There are also links to the percentage agreement in policy comparisons.

Who are Public Whip?
Public Whip is a project to watch Members of the United Kingdom Parliament, so that the public can better understand and influence their voting patterns. They’re an independent, non-governmental project.

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Jenny Smart

How can any moral person block an amendment that would have given firefighters, ambulance staff, nurses and teachers a fair pay rise?

Words escape me!


Any more proof needed to vote him out tomorrow?


None , IMO


I’ve read his leaflet, and saving all of those jobs in East Cowes is great news. not that the majority who read this site want to hear that.


The man has literally voted for cuts to be imposed on the local authority he represents.
Voted against a pay increase for critical public service staff, and voted against employing more of them.
Apparently he doesn’t appear to think climate issues are worthy of his time, but…on that alone, renders him unfit to represent the legislative process.

Alternative Perspective

What a truly appalling and despicable voting record!


Thanks for this OTW – good piece!


Being amongst a group with an elitist sense of entitlement are not qualities which make a good MP

Alternative Perspective

URGENT : Can islanders please check their fridge, there are reports of a wayward milkman going missing. It is believed he and his colleagues are preparing to milk the Country

This is this is a very helpful summary and there are many things that I would’ve not have agreed with him on. Mr Seely consistently voted for reducing central government funding of local government and it is this funding which significantly impacting upon the quality of everyday island life services. Isle of Wight Council has lost £80million since the beginning of austerity and next year will see… Read more »
What gets me is that Seely ‘Consistently voted for reducing central government funding of local government.’ This is crucial to us on the Island, which has no special island status. Hypocritical. Our Island needs massive assistance: our poverty levels are uncivilised. And the Tory IWC just passes on cuts with a shrug. The IWC and Seely are cut from the same cloth: slash our services and to… Read more »

Consistently voted against measures to prevent climate change

Voted against financial incentives for low carbon emission electricity generation methods

Says it all. He doesn’t care about the future of the planet, yet alone the IOW.!


Sally, why this article? You turn people off the site when you do this. All MP’s have faults, but you know that Island status, for everyone on the Island, is the big prize, and Seely is committed to that. The Greens, Labour can’t, their votes are in the inner cities….. come on, OTW can do much better.

iain mckie

Voting for Theresa May’s Withdrawal Bill, three times, was voting, in effect, for continued membership of the EU.


Oh dear OTW ! You are not usually so biased.

iain mckie
I have no problem with any bias in the media – after all, it is our choice whether or not we visit sites/turn on the TV etc. Just pick up the Guardian or Independent and expect to be faced with pro-Labour reporting, and go to the Telegraph or Sun for pro-Conservatives and so on. It is up to us to make up our own minds when fronted… Read more »

It’s a pity this info wasn’t available weeks ago – but it wont stop my voting for another party and it isnt red or green


Alas, none so blind as those who do not want to see.


Well all you lefties have your chance tomorrow. You would have, as I have said before, been helped if the Green candidate had dropped out but she didn’t.
Let us not hear any of you whinging over the next five years if your candidate loses, you have had your opportunity to change things.

Benny C
It’s not the political colour that concerns me, it’s the fact this man can bring himself to vote against helping others less fortunate, vote against climate change measures , do all this and hold his head high claiming to represent us all. He isn’t helping anyone except himself. He’s certainly not helping any one here , including , with due respect, you. I don’t much care for… Read more »

Thank you all for your down ticks, no more than I expected from the left wing muzzle the opposition brigade :-)