Strong improvements in GCSE results at Ryde Academy

Congratulations to teachers and pupils at Ryde Academy.

Ryde Academy gcse 2014 pupils

This in from Ryde Academy, in their own words. Ed

We are really pleased to see some strong improvements in GCSE results this year, especially in A/A* results which have gone up by more than 200%.

This reflects the hard work and culture of higher expectations which staff and students are now embedding in the Academy. There have been some excellent individual outcomes this year and we are pleased that so many students’ hard work has paid off.

The new league tables this year mean that some students’ qualifications can no longer be counted and so we expect to see some increases and some reductions in aspects of league table data.

Overall we know that we have much more to do in order to continue driving improvement at the Academy and we remain committed to continuing to improve student outcomes for next year.

Full data will be released next week by the Local Authority.

Thursday, 21st August, 2014 12:30pm



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Email updates?

What percentage got 5 A*-C?


Its only fair I think to point out that the author of this article is also PA to the principle at Ryde Academy.

Conflict of interest maybe?

Sally Perry

As it states at the top of the article “This in from Ryde Academy, in their own words.”

sam salt

So where is the Conflict of Interest Anthony? Your interpretation of Conflict of Interest is quite different to mine.

retired Hack
I think the point being made is that, when a school writes about its own exam results, it’s likely to be selective. Hence the unanswered question “What percentage got 5 A* to C?”. Sally is quite right to point out that OTW is always upfront about the authorship of Press releases (unlike the CP which frequently bylines them “By a CP reporter”). Nonetheless, we’re not going to… Read more »
Old Knobby
Also, what are they comparing the results against? Given that the accademies have only existed for a couple of years, are they saying that they’re the best results that the accademies have ever had or the best that the accademies AND their previous incarnations have had? Are Ryde Accademy’s results better than the previous Ryde High? Are Cowes Enterprise College’s better than Cowes High? Given that they… Read more »
Anthony Wood

Aren’t these ‘A’ Levels?

Sally Perry

Ah, perhaps I had wrongly made the assumption that anyone reading a report written by a school (or the Council/Police/NHS) would realise that it will be selective in the information provided and could even contain some spin.

The verified figures for all GCSE results are not available yet. Once they are – later in the year (October) – all will become clearer.