Watch: Gorgeous drone footage of paddle-boarders meandering along Isle of Wight coast

Escape for three minutes and enjoy this drone footage of two paddleboarders meandering along the Bouldnor coast – fly above the gorgeous green canopy and explore the coastline

Two women resting on paddle-boards -shot from above

The weather has not been quite so great over the last few days, so we thought we’d share some gorgeous aerial drone video footage with you.

The video below shot by Stephen Perfect (aka IOWight Drone) explores the coast of Bouldnor and follows two paddle boarders and they meander along the coast.

Let’s hope the weather makes a turn back to the glorious sunshine and warm rays the paddle boarders experienced in the video show in July.

Image: © IOWight Drone

Tuesday, 18th August, 2020 12:42pm



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Thank you, Sally, for sharing this beautiful, calming film of an unspoiled coastline, for which paddle boarding is perfectly fitting. Luckily there was no sound of the drone to disturb the peace for us viewers, but that is nothing compared with jet skis or power boats. This coastline is unspoiled because it is unstable and its thick clay can trap anyone trying to land there. And so… Read more »

That’s all you want for a perfect holiday, being tracked by a drone.


This was a video shot with people that were fully aware of the drone filming them, it’s also more about showcasing the island and it’s beautiful locations. 👍🏻


Thankyou for sharing my video. I have many more Isle of Wight videos on my dedicated YouTube channel and Instagram @iowightdrone . All videos are produced with all participants aware that they are being recorded.