Watch ‘simulated’ high speed ride around Isle of Wight TT Diamond Races circuit

Diamond Races: Want to get an idea of what it’s like to zoom around the Isle of Wight TT course? Here’s a video that simulates it

rider on TT diamond races circuit

On Sunday afternoon, Islander Paul Knights took the opportunity to do a circuit of the planned Isle of Wight Diamond Races TT course and has shared this exciting simulated high speed ride around the circuit.

Paul told News OnTheWight,

“It was an excuse to run up my old bike and get back to a bit of film editing.”

You might remember some of Paul’s other videos, such as his Portrait of an Artist series, aerial footage from a model glider and a motorcycle journey on the Island during lockdown.

Speed limits and common sense
Naturally, Paul was keeping to the speed limits and common sense. he says it took him 18 minutes to complete a lap.

However, by increasing the playback speed 200 per cent during editing he was able to cut the lap time down to nine minutes  (still one minute above the suggested 8 minute pro-riders lap times!)

Paul finished by saying,

“I think it gives a pretty good impression of how the route will look from the riders perspective.  Hope you all enjoy it.”

Sit back and enjoy being in the hot seat.

Image: © Diamond Races

Wednesday, 9th September, 2020 8:28pm



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The guys behind this are the top professionals at this game. The amount of preparation and attention to the most minor safety aspects that goes into this sort of event is mind-blowing. This is a time trial, not a bike race and there will be some great vantage points for the huge number of visitors expected for a few days in chilly October. Visitors who will not… Read more »
Jenny Smart

The video shows how completely ridiculous this proposal is, just imaging anyone stepping out from a bush, or from behind a wall, on this route with motorbikes travelling at the speed shown in this video simulation.