Bob Seely

Bob Seely was elected as Isle of Wight councillor for Central Wight in the 2013 and 2017 local elections.

Back in 2005, he stood as the Conservative candidate in Broxtowe, Nottingham, coming very close to winning the race with 37.2% of the votes (18,161) – just 2,296 behind the Labour candidate.

He’s been a spin doctor for the Tories and a member of the PR team at music channel MTV, not to mention serving in Iraq in the Territorial Army. Bob’s currently doing a PhD at King’s College, London, where his area of study is non-conventional warfare.

As he first disclosed on OnTheWight, Bob had an ambition to become a candidate for the Isle of Wight MP, when Andrew Turner was no longer in the role.

When in April 2017 Andrew Turner stepped down after his views on homosexuality became widely-reported and criticised, Bob became one of three candidates for selection. After a messy round of people dropping out and others popping up, Bob was finally selected as the Conservative candidate for the Isle of Wight MP.

He secured the seat in the 2017 General Election with 51.3% of the vote, 38,190 votes.

Readers can keep an eye on exactly how Bob Seely votes by visiting the UK Parliament Website.

In the 2019 election Bob Seely increased his majority, gaining 41,850 votes, 56.8 per cent of the vote with an increase of 3,660 votes.

Below are some of the articles where he’s been mentioned through OnTheWight:

Councillor calls for more road safety spending on rural roads

Councillor calls for more road safety spending on rural roads

Cllr Seely is hoping some of the £100,000 Community Highway Fund will be spent on roads in the Back of the Wight.

Wednesday, 10th September, 2014 12:38pm

By Cllr Bob Seely with 3 readers' comments

Residents turn out in opposition to planning development

Upper Lane Brighstone:

Agents for the developer of a housing scheme in Brighstone met with residents yesterday to present the plans and hear feedback.

Thursday, 4th September, 2014 4:18pm

By Cllr Bob Seely

Residents urged to attend meeting over large scale planning application

Upper Lane Brighstone:

Speaking on the revised Blanchard's Field application, Cllr Seely says the development is "just too large in a village which has arguably already seen too much speculative house-building in the past few decades".

Friday, 29th August, 2014 12:28pm

By Sally Perry with 4 readers' comments

Atherfield Bay developers lodge appeal with Planning Inspectorate


Developers have submitted an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate against the Isle of Wight council's decision to refuse an application to build 95 units of holiday accommodation.

Tuesday, 19th August, 2014 10:18am

By Sally Perry with 8 readers' comments

Island Conservatives refuse Independent’s offer to collaborate

Boycott graffiti:

We've yet to hear from the Group Leader the reasoning behind the 'boycott', but Independent councillor Steve Stubbings says that several Conservative members wanting to sit on advisory committees are being prevented from doing so.

Tuesday, 3rd June, 2014 8:22pm

By Sally Perry with 25 readers' comments

Atherfield Holiday Camp planning app rejected by Committee


Residents concerned about this large-scale development will be pleased to hear it was rejected by councillors at last night's Planning Committee.

Wednesday, 19th February, 2014 11:01am

By Sally Perry with 7 readers' comments

Conservatives call for £100,000 road safety allocation

20mph road sign

The Isle of Wight Conservatives are asking the council to ring-fence £100,000 from the forthcoming 2014-15 budget for road safety initiatives.

Tuesday, 18th February, 2014 9:03am

By Cllr Bob Seely with 7 readers' comments

Cllr Bob Seely welcomes broadband deal for rural areas of the Island

Bob Seely

The councillor says he's sorry Island contractors were not in the mix and that he'd welcome plans to help Island companies get Island contracts in the future.

Thursday, 12th September, 2013 7:39am

By Cllr Bob Seely with 27 readers' comments

Cabinet member says Cllr Seely broadband letter ‘entirely misrepresented’ his views

Cllr Bob Seely's County Press letter on Broadband 6 Sept 2013 - 640px closeup

Cllr Phil Jordan disputes claims in Cllr Seely's CP letter, commenting that they 'entirely misrepresented' his views on the importance of rural broadband.

Tuesday, 10th September, 2013 6:44pm

By Simon Perry with 7 readers' comments

Cllr Bob Seely welcomes refusal for the major Blanchard’s Field development


Cllr Seely says the development was far too big and there were too many unanswered questions about the project.

Tuesday, 6th August, 2013 10:57am

By Cllr Bob Seely with one comment

Call for council to use Island Roads PFI for environmental and social good

Bob Seely

Councillor cites best practise used by Devon as example for how Island Roads PFI contract can be used for environmental and social good.

Wednesday, 17th July, 2013 12:29pm

By Sally Perry with 36 readers' comments

Wildlife superhighways to be created on the Isle of Wight

Wildflower verge:

Just three weeks after tweeting about how wonderful the wildflowers in the verges must be for the butterflies we hear that the council are discussing new ways of cutting rural roadside verges in an attempt to preserve the wild flowers.

Thursday, 20th June, 2013 12:07pm

By IW Council Press Office with 16 readers' comments