Belgrave Road landslip: Council uncertain how it happened or how to safely fix it (new photos)

The council explain they are currently uncertain of what caused the retaining wall to fail – and indeed how they can safely get to it to fix it

The Isle of Wight council has issued the following statement one day on from the partial collapse of the road and retaining wall on Belgrave Road, Ventnor, Ed

We would like to reassure residents we are taking the issue very seriously and have experts on site looking at making it safe and protecting the public.

Our first priority is the safety of residents and we have installed substantial water-filled temporary barriers to close off vehicular access to the affected part of Belgrave Road. While there is still pedestrian access along this route, we have also put in place pedestrian barriers around the affected area to keep the public safe and prevent access to this section of the road.

Belgrave Road - cracks are increasing quickly

In addition, pedestrian barriers are being placed in Esplanade Road below the affected area, as a precaution against falling materials.

Monitor ongoing deterioration of the situation
Whilst the cause of the incident is still to be determined, our action in the short-term is to monitor the ongoing deterioration of the situation which indicates the wall is at significant risk of failure.

Engineers are assessing safe methods for accessing this area and removing the failed section in a manner that does not increase the risk to adjacent infrastructure such as gas and water.

Cracks widening on Belgrave Road

This is not an easy task, given the failure conditions and the safety of any workforce operating in this section needs to be a high priority.

Investigation in to the longer-term solution
Once the immediate risk of failure is resolved, either by intervention or by natural deterioration of the failure area, our attention will move to investigating the longer-term solution for the repair of this section of road and the surrounding structures.

Footway is buckling and road has sunk

It is therefore inevitable, to ensure the ongoing safety of residents, that this section of road will need to remain closed for the foreseeable future. We are working with local residents who have vehicles within the site to ensure these can be safely located in another area.

Will do all we can, as quickly as we are able
We appreciate the inconvenience and concern this incident has caused and we would like to assure the community that we will do all we can, as quickly as we are able, to deliver both a short-term and longer-term solution.

Close up of the landslip

We are delivering letters today to residents and businesses in the affected area and will also be liaising with local members and the parish council to ensure they are kept informed.

We will continue to monitor the situation and advise people as soon as possible of any changes.

Residents can contact Island Roads on 01983 822440, or via email at [email protected]

Friday, 17th January, 2020 4:48pm



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11 Comments on "Belgrave Road landslip: Council uncertain how it happened or how to safely fix it (new photos)"

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Rhos yr Alarch

Wasn’t there somebody called a “County Surveyor” once upon a time….?

I find myself a little confused by yesterday’s and today’s reportage. Yesterday – ‘Long-known problem One resident on the road that OnTheWight spoke to said he’d been warning the Isle of Wight council about a problem being there for over 30 years.’ Today – ‘The council explain they are currently uncertain of what caused the retaining wall to fail – and indeed how they can safely get… Read more »

Would any of the 12 ‘thumbs down’ people be willing to make a comment? You all have a voice here. It is a discussion forum. Please enlighten us with your view(s).

Lack of maintenance has caused this. 1 Cracks in the road which occur in this area have not been repaired. They are too busy resurfacing minor roads in the rest of the Island to undertake essential repairs in Ventnor 2 Roads have not been swept so the drains are all blocked with leaves and other rubbish – so where does the water go when we have more… Read more »
Rhos yr Alarch
It’s a little concerning that the local authority seems content to shrug its shoulders about this, as if the world is simply a place where arbitrary events happen that no-one could possibly predict or explain. At the very least, one would think it would be of some concern that the retaining wall is holding substantial amounts of material in place, which must be at some risk of… Read more »
What I see from the photographs are very large and potentially very deep cracks left open to the dictates of our lovely weather… so water will fall into these cracks, freeze, expand, and finally blow the wall away from the subsoil causing another landslip! Perhaps instead of the usual headscratching and inevitable ‘we need to employ specialists’ it may be a radical, yet sensible, idea to FILL… Read more »

UMMM…I’m no Einstein but could the landslip be due in some part to the almost incessant rain we have been having? Perhaps if the council have no idea of cause or remedy there is a job vacancy which I could fill?!

The most important thing is that the Council should keep the public informed as to when the retaining wall will be rebuilt and the drainage fixed so that the tourist Industry is not affected long term. Belgrave Road is one of the most important viewing points on the Island. It is the route to the most famous hotel on the Island. Tourists from all over are attracted… Read more »

You must be joking!

Benny C
So much of our money and resource is going into propping up or bailing out badly implemented infrastructure projects on the IOW no wonder the Council didn’t manage to monitor / sort out a problem staring them in the face and deal with this before it caused so much disruption. Equally, Ventnor Council have failed to communicate effectively and deliver action to resolve a self evident issue.… Read more »

In the comments thread to one of the undercliff stories I asked if the council would just abandon an area if landslips cut it off. Possibly we may be about to see the answer to that.

“Undercliff II” – coming soon?