Isle of Wight Hunt given £10,000 emergency Covid-19 grant (updated)

The Isle of Wight Hunt applied for and received £10,000 in emergency Covid-19 funding

Hunt rider and hounds

The Isle of Wight Hunt received £10,000 from emergency Covid-19 grants, issued by the Isle of Wight council.

This formed part of £160,000 that was paid out to Hunts across the country, as reported by The Independent.

News OnTheWight has written to the IW Hunt to ask them for comment, such as what they intended to spend the money on.

A spokesperson from the Isle of Wight Foxhounds told News OnTheWight,

“All rateable businesses that met the specific conditions for funding were given grants. The scheme was welcomed by the hunt and enabled our professional hunt staff to maintain high standards of animal welfare throughout this difficult period.”

Small Business Scheme grant
The Isle of Wight Council confirmed that no grant made to this recipient under the separate discretionary scheme.

A spokesperson for the Isle of Wight council told News OnTheWight,

“The Isle of Wight Council is required by government to issue the Small Business Scheme grant payments to those businesses which are eligible and qualify under the scheme guidelines.

“The scheme guidelines are set by government and this particular scheme is not a discretionary scheme. The council cannot comment on individual grant payments.”

Under government rules, any business that occupies a property and receives small business rate relief or rural rate relief is eligible for a small business grant for Covid-19.

Article edit
10.40am 28th Oct 2020 – Comment from Isle of Wight Foxhounds added and IWC confirmation of no further grants.

Image: bethanyegan under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 27th October, 2020 12:44pm



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Why !!!!!!


Usual reason: “Because they can”.


Remark meant objectively, not emotionally, or I’d have said lots more about my disgust, and it would probably be unprintable according to O.T.W “rules”.

How dare this Government spend our hard-earned taxes on bloodsports! Especially at a time of crisis, when so many individuals and businesses are desperate for help and Chancellor Rishi Sunak says they can’t help everyone. Foxhunts should be left to go to the dogs! Over the years I have read a number of reports in the local media about the trouble the Isle of Wight Hunt has… Read more »

This is shameful- They are SHAMELESS!


Words fail me. So the hunt can be supported to “pretend” to kill wild animals whilst families nearby cannot afford basic essentials like food. Because of the conservative governments austerity policies. Hands up if you voted for them. And will you do so again?


£10K for the Unspeakable who hunt the uneatable. Andy—- Please tell me which companies are associated with the hunt so I can boycott them.


Sadly for Ventnor, the Chair of the hunt runs (and owns) the Botanic Garden.


How many school meals would that have bought???


You’ve got to be kidding me!!!


We can as a community all take united action if we so choose, and not support any business that is associated with the IW Hunt.


You would think that the owner of Ventnor Botanic Gardens, the owner of The Garlic Farm and The Head of Medina College would have enough money between them to feed their dogs.

Mark L Francis

There is abill at present going through Parliament to increase prison time for animal cruelty to 5 years. Do Hunts have some kind of special dispensation?

Angela Hewitt
I am 100 percent opposed to fox hunting. It was a cruel sport and exposed human beings as being sadistic. I agree with Tamara. However, it s not the dogs fault. They need to be cared for. I am not sure how these hunts are normally funded and that is something that needs to be looked into. I think it is a rich mans sport so surely… Read more »
Mark L Francis

Tickets for the Hiuntsman’s Ball! tickets for the Huntsman’s Ball, anyone?
(p.s. its a raffle)
– old Hunt Saboteur joke.


What about the welfare of the FOX?!


I’m appalled when so many businesses are really struggling and some having to close. I would like to know what they are spending their £10k on??


I’d use the £10K to put down all the dogs…