Isle of Wight LibDem election candidate to stand aside in Green Alliance pact, letter reveals (Updated)

An email sent out by the IW Lib Dems last night to members revealed that their candidate, Nick Stuart, will be standing aside, in an electoral alliance with the Greens. Here’s the full text

nick stuart lib dem

In what’s thought to be a first in the UK, the Isle of Wight Liberal Democrat candidate has said he will not be standing in the upcoming snap election, an email to members revealed.

No official announcement has been made to the media, but a statement was sent to members at 7pm (Friday) when Nick Stuart explained,

“I will not be standing in this General Election on the Island. The Liberal Democrats nationally have decided that a electoral alliance with the Greens to maximise the remain vote is the best cause of action on the Isle of Wight.”

He went on to say,

“I am disappointed that you and other Islanders will not get the chance to vote for the Liberal Democrats given our unique policies and I realise that many of you will be unhappy about the lack of choice but I would urge you to recognise the critical issue of Brexit and know that our small step back will help other Liberal Democrat candidates around the UK. We hope you can respect what has been a deeply difficult decision taken by the local and national party.

“In 18 months everyone will have a chance to vote for a Liberal Democrat Council and I would ask you to attend the meeting on the 6th November, make your voice heard and help us build towards a renewed Liberal Democrat Island.”

In the 2017 elections the Liberal Democrat candidate, Nick Belfitt, lost his deposit, attracting only 2,740 votes (4th place).

Lowthion: “Nothing has been decided finally yet”
The Green Party candidate, Vix Lowthion, told OnTheWight,

“Nothing has been decided finally yet. Whilst discussions continue we cannot comment.”

LibDem press release
The press release in full can be seen below, with the file name ‘PPC step down Sep 2019 Letter to Members’.

Statement from Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Nick Stuart:

The Liberal Democrats will be releasing a Remain Alliance approach that will include agreement to not stand a Liberal Democrat on the Isle of Wight to provide the Green Party with an opportunity to present a single Remain Candidate.

 For the Island I would add the following thoughts:-

“These are unprecedented times. With Boris Johnson we have a ludicrously unsuccessful Government that acted unlawfully, and is prepared to behave destructively to  achieve an extreme no-deal Brexit. As has been recognised by members of his own party who have been thrown out, or left, his narrow right moving party.

The prime minister has failed to act with common decency or to even apologise for remarks which have been used to threaten violence. He cannot unite the UK by doubling-down as he has in Parliament with inflammatory and divisive remarks. The support from a bigoted ignoramous in the White House highlights his approach creating and exploiting divisions in society.

The Liberal Democrats have judged that this national crisis require unprecedented measures. Consequently,  although keen to put forward the Liberal Democrat case to Isle of Wight electors I support this decision to  stand aside at the next general election providing the voting public with a single choice for continuing our beneficial connection with our European neighbours.

“I will continue with the renewed vision and energy that the Liberal Democrats have shown in the last couple of years campaigning for Island focused policies on the environment, jobs, healthcare and infrastructure challenging the Council and Government to consult and deliver on matters that affect islanders.”

“Especially heartening has been my conversations with islanders discussing shared concerns and recognising the humanity of this special island. I will continue to represent the liberal voice on the Island, and look for solutions to the problems facing us to be firmly rooted in the Island traditions of fairness and equality.”

Article edit
12:14 – Added ‘to’ to headline
. Altered first para for clarity.

Saturday, 2nd November, 2019 10:22am



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Finally some pragmatism!

Jenny Smart

Now we just need Labour to stand aside!

Geoff Brodie

Nonsense. Even together the Liberal and Green vote was less than Labour’s at the last general election.


You’re missing the point here Geoff – the appeal is that Lib and Green are prepared to work together.

Geoff Brodie

So why don’t the Liberals just disband and join the Greens? It would be more honest.

@Geoff Brodie The real foe is the Tories, they are responsible for austerity, they are responsible for dividing the country with their daft Brexit referendum. They are responsible for the huge growth in foodbanks. The increases in homelessness and poverty. Surely you as an ex-Labour member should realise that? We need more co operation between opposition parties if the Tories are to be removed from power both… Read more »

“daft Brexit referendum” backed by the Liberals when they with Cleggy were in coalition. Now they don’t like the result and no longer respect democracy. Seems to be a Scottish female trend to ignore referendum results when you don’t get what you want.

Geoff Brodie

You have forgotten the LibDems craven participation in the Tory lead coalition government that was responsible for austerity.

@Geoff Brodie Nope, I have not forgotten, and I am unlikely too because I have a child that has just finished a very expensive university degree. Please don’t make assumptions on my behalf. That aside I stand by my remarks in my previous comment regarding cooperation. The Tories are the architects of austerity and this more than any other factor has resulted in the current dire situation… Read more »

Geoff, never forget that the EU export UK jobs with our money. Thousands of jobs at the home of the Ford Transit Van were exported from Eastleigh, Hants, not many miles away, to Turkey – thanks to the EU giving the money to the Turks – our money and of course Ford were very happy!

iain mckie
I would expect that the biggest beneficiary from the Lib Dems not standing will be the Independent candidate Karl Love. The Greens are a far Left party and would not (I think) suit many of the middle of the road types within the Libs. Never in a month of Sundays would Labour stand aside to help a candidate who has come a distant third on two occasions.

Dealing with actual data seems to be a problem that both the Greens and the Lib Dems share.

One conflates projections with polls and the other with their ridiculously wrong tactical-voting recommendations (and other assorted wildly mis-leading leaflets).

I guess some people fall for this nonsense, it’s all very depressing though.

Which is irrelevant. There aren’t enough people on the island prepared to vote Labour to win the seat, even in a good year. And so far things are looking much worse than that for Labour. All progressive voters need to get behind a candidate who can beat the Tory, and this time the Green will be the only chance, even then a slim one. Labour should do… Read more »
In 2017, you would be right but all national polling (not projections) since then have shown a national labour slump from ~43 to ~24 not good in anyone’s books. So many labour voters I talk to seem to Believe that such a National trend across all polsters can’t possibly be applicable to the island. The national trend has seen labour shed % along with the Tories. Lib… Read more »
If the reports of an alliance in favour of green are true and all their vote goes to green then that puts Green on 39 with Tories on 40. Well within range. And without the need for Labour as BRX are likely to steal a few points from Tory. Now Labour can chose to be embarrassed with a 9% showing while green and blue slog it out… Read more »

I was planning to vote Lib-Dem. What do I do now because I will not vote Green.


Just vote Green, that’s the best course of action

iain mckie

This week the European Commission approved 55 fossil fuel projects including a terminal to import cracked and liquefied US shale gas. These are part of the 193 projects of common interest, all of which involve the transportation and burning of fossil fuel. It is a folly to think that the EU is ‘green’


@Iain McKie

That is exactly why we should remain EU members, outside of the EU we have no say in its affairs, currently we have a prime seat at the head of the table, and can exert influence, it would be very foolish to give such a powerful position up.

iain mckie

That makes no sense at all. The PCIs are part of the EEU which was launched with UK approval in 2015. There was never such a thing as UK influence as QMV saw to that.

Ian Young
Attempting to manipulate voters in this manner is fraught with danger for all concerned. I well remember a former local LibDem spokesperson telling us that in the absence of a LibDem candidate many supporters would in fact vote Conservative. To assume LibDem voters will seamlessly transfer their vote to the Green party is at best misguided and at worst foolish. As an aside, it is rather sad… Read more »
Fully agree – something like this that deprives voters of choice is very likely to backfire. The collusion of two parties in order to manipulate the result of an election feels as if it ought to be illegal in some way which is bound to annoy voters, Given that the lib dems have a very different agenda and manifesto to the greens it seems likely that voters… Read more »
iain mckie
The IED gave 23 billion in subsidies to EUs largest polluters via free allocation of EUAs, the Linking Directive generated 2 billion unnecessary tonnes of CFCs, added 600 million tonnes of CO2 in Russia and Ukraine, the bio fuels policy of the EU has been slammed by Greenpeace Oxfam and Fern for increasing deforestation and increasing CO2 emissions. The EU is an environmental monster. This is the… Read more »

Is that the only reason? the UK are super environmental and the Eu are just burning our planets future with no regard.
If this is true, please quote the british position and I too will vote Brexit

iain mckie

That and the devastation caused by the EU refusing to listen to scientific advice and emptying the seas were the tipping points for me


Great to see a sensible decision, well played Nick Stuart. I think it will be interesting if Labour do as well as in 2017, as this election could be more like 2015 where UKIP took a lot of Labour votes & the Brexit Party could do the same this time. I personally think Labour will struggle on the Island this time around.


This all sounds like the Liberals and Greens moving the chairs on the Titanic. The largest partys on the Island are still Tory and Labour at the present time.

Angela Hewitt

As far as I can ascertain. Brexit and Conservatives = leave. LibDems and Greens = Remain. Labour = choice of either/or. Ignore the rest they are egotists. Well they all are really but…… the indviduals will be impotent. Maybe they can be used to show disgust in the whole event

Steve Goodman
Here’s how it seems to me that we got to this: Firstly, our mutated version of democracy means that for decades or longer our only permitted option was an often overdue opportunity to try to vote out those in power who had been around long enough to annoy and disappoint enough people, even when there seemed to be few differences between the only available candidates, and our… Read more »
Steve Goodman

I am not a Green Party member.
I am currently campaigning on the North Island for the best (Labour) candidate to replace a problematic (Con) MP.

Steve Goodman

I am not a member of any political party.
I am doing my civic duty mainly in one of those most marginal constituencies which have been made so meaningfully exciting by our obviously unfit for purpose out of date addiction to deadlock in Parliament.

OK OK we get it!! Tories BAD… Labour GOOD.. Tories have done really bad stuff, and labour are always right…. except for Tony B Liar of course, he just killed thousands of innocents in a war that had no reason.. oh yes, and turned Labour into Tory light and broke the country for his own ends… and now we have Corbyn who wants something, but not sure… Read more »

Lovely to see the co operation.

Chapeau Nick Stuart.


I will be voting Green
If you want Brexit vote the Brexit Party as Tories didn’t deliver
If you are inclined to Remain and concerned about climate change vote Green not Labour who are divided on Brexit and slow to the People’s referendum party
I am Green are you?


When are you giving up electricity, gas, pumped water and sewage disposal and moving to a cave on the south of the island?

Steve Goodman
When did you give up the ability to discuss grown up stuff like a grown up? And when are you going to look up the reasons why none of what you wrote applies unless and until we stop allowing continuing deterioration to the point when even the application of existing proven ‘greener’ much more sustainable options to everything listed will force that on many more people much… Read more »