Letter: Regional flight connectivity is vital for an Island only served by ferries

Mr Munro believes an Isle of Wight commercial airport could potentially transform the Island’s economy and is calling on the Government to fund a feasibility study

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This from Thomas Munro. Ed

I am writing again to state the urgent case for a feasibility study into the expansion of Bembridge Airport for commercial airline use.

Recently the Island’s ferries were awarded millions to keep going during Covid; millions will be awarded to enhance the Ryde interchange and thousands have also been given to rejuvenate the high streets.

Government funded feasibility study
This makes me think that if the Council themselves don’t have the money for a feasibility study, the government could be asked to help fund one.

They could even give it as part of the Island Deal that’s now being chased up. The government has just approved multi billion pound road schemes so it seems fair to request £40,000 for a feasibility study.

Could transform the Island’s economy
A commercial airport could potentially transform the Island’s economy and connectivity for residents and visitors alike for years to come.

The government always highlights how important regional connectivity is for the UK; how important also it should be for this Island that is only served by unreliable, very expensive ferries.

Mr Munro’s GoFundMe Appeal has raised £10 of the £50,000 target.

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Wednesday, 18th November, 2020 9:15am


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Kinda thinking the last thing we need on the Isle of Wight Unesco biosphere is an expansion to an airport which is utterly useless for most people travelling, no use for goods and also about the most polluting mode of transport known to mankind. Still, given the perilous state of most airlines at the moment, at least it’s likely most people (even in government) will be able… Read more »

Airports are very noisy and pollute the air.

Perhaps Ed Munroe should equate himself with global warming and its terrible consequences before he spouts any more of this total drivel.

Justin Case
Ah, Thomas Munro, if only it could be so, but even in a buoyant passenger aviation market this could not be made to work. Once you add on the looming issues regarding the climate impact of aviation it is impossible to make a business case for this. However, a very interesting case might be made to invite HAV and their Airlander hybrid airship into a potential joint… Read more »
We already have an airport at Lake – traffic up a lot more this year than in ‘normal’ times – Sept 2020 – 877 departures & arrivals, 57% increase on 2019 Thats a no thanks from me – more pollution – noise/CO2/non-CO2 forcings Are authorities able to cope with policing potential drug/goods trafficking ? They recently intercepted a flight from Netherlands, but are they also checking UK… Read more »

Mr Munros £49,990 funding gap is a bit telling but good luck to all those people that want to fly into Bembridge without transport.


This was tried with actual flights a few years ago, I seem to recall, and didn’t succeed. I wish it well but don’t think much will happen. Plus, I am sure there will be a lot of people around Bembridge who will not welcome the additional noise.


The potential emission and noise pollution are big issues, but the perhaps overlooked aspect is that people generally don’t fly into airports that don’t have developed local transport links.