Letter: Remember the ‘bus wars’ and beware of what you wish for

Stuart George from the IW Bus & Rail Users’ Group joins the debate over fares and rail link services between Ventnor and Shanklin.

Southern Vectis bus:

We always welcome a Letter to the Editor to share with our readers. If you have something you’d like to share, get in touch. This from Stuart George from the IW Bus & Rail Users’ Group. Ed

The IW Bus & Rail Users’ Group has followed with interest the recent correspondence about the bus service between Ventnor and Shanklin.

We share Evelyn Knowles’ frustration that buses haven’t been able to serve Shanklin Railway Station since January and find it incredible that, after four months, no one has found a way to fill in the pothole preventing access to the station. During the wettest winter on record passengers have been left to stand in the rain in Atherley Road.

Together with this the recent bus timetable change has added ten minutes to the time they now have to wait for the bus.

Dispute general manager’s claims
I must disagree with Matt Kitchin’s claim that the overall increase in waiting time for a return journey is only one minute – according to my calculations it’s five minutes, and it’s only that small because the journey time from Ventnor to Shanklin Station has been increased by five minutes.

Although Matt makes a good case for the fares rise, it might have been more sensitive of Southern Vectis to wait until the proper service was restored before putting up the fare.

Beware the ‘bus wars’
However, Evelyn needs to beware of implying these problems are due to Southern Vectis enjoying a monopoly on Island bus travel. Older readers may remember the mainland “bus wars” of the 1980s after bus deregulation, when rival bus companies competed on profitable routes and abandoned unprofitable ones.

Some fares may have come down, but services were slashed and, as Matt says, much of the mainland, including some reasonably sized towns, no longer has any bus service after 7pm or on Sundays.

One of the best
Whatever people may believe, Southern Vectis provides one of the best comprehensive bus services in the country, with a modern fleet of buses, and with very little financial support.

Be assured that our group will continue to press for buses to return to Shanklin station at the earliest opportunity.

Image: lodekka under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 13th May, 2014 3:18pm


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I’m generally of the opinion that all public transport, infrastructure and utilities should be renationalised, but i’ve got to admit that SV do a pretty good job for a commercial entity. In fact the only real complaint i have with SV is that the busses don’t seem to be cleaned often enough. Considering how disgustingly germy people are every bus should really experience a thorough cleaning every… Read more »

“the disinfected scent of a freshly cleaned hospital ward.”

Ah yes! I can them when! That was at the time when we had Matrons running hospital wards and not bean-counters!


“Ah yes! I can REMEMBER them!” etc

I agree with the high bus fares, but I disagree with the railway station problem , it’s a lot easier and quicker for buses to stop in atherley road stop as buses find hard sometimes to turn in the car park at the station , and how hard is it to walk about 2 mins from the train station to the bus stop round the corner but… Read more »

It may have changed by now, but buses were deep cleaned every 6 weeks.