Back garden mini-ramp the perfect solution for talented young skateboarder in lockdown

Martha Eggleton’s dad decided to build a mini-ramp in their back garden so she could continue training as a skateboarder for Wight Trash

Martha and home ramp

A talented young Isle of Wight skateboarder has been enjoying some extra practice during lockdown thanks to a homemade half-pipe at her family home.

Niton Primary School pupil Martha Eggleton has been replacing PE lessons with skateboarding during her home-school on the bespoke mini-ramp built by her dad.

A half-pipe is a wooden ramp that curves up at both ends allowing skateboarders to perform jumps, tricks and turns.

Lockdown halts mainland travel
Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak Martha regularly travelled to the mainland to visit skate parks for events and training sessions.

She is sponsored by the well-known skate brand Wight Trash, along with Wightlink which supports her with travel through the Isle of Wight Talented Athlete scheme.

Martha: “It makes home school way more fun”
With Martha being home-schooled and trips to local skateparks out of the question due to government restrictions, dad Rob set about building a mini-ramp to keep Martha active and entertained during lockdown.

Martha said:

“I missed being able to go to skateparks and John Cattle’s skate club. I have asked my Mum and Dad for a ramp for a long time. It makes home school way more fun. My little brother loves to roll on it too. Can’t wait to skate with everyone again when it’s safe and lock down changes.

“I am excited to take what I have learnt at home to other parks. I love skateboarding!”

James: “So impressed by the way she bounced back”
Stuart James, Wightlink’s Director of Marketing and Innovation, said:

“We have heard so many stories of how the athletes we support are adapting to the new way of life since the Coronavirus outbreak. We are really impressed with the dedication they are showing to their chosen sports and also by the ingenious ways that they come up with to keep on doing what they love.

“Martha is really lucky to be able to continue to practice her skateboarding tricks and we look forward to welcoming her back onboard once it is safe for her skating events to resume.

When she broke her leg in a skateboarding accident last year everyone at Wightlink was so impressed by the way she bounced back. With that sort of attitude as well as the support of her family, we are sure that Martha will be a success in whatever she turns her hand – or feet – to.”

News shared by Anna on behalf of Wightlink. Ed

Thursday, 11th June, 2020 3:32pm



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