Isle of Wight council leader slammed over Lynnbottom fiasco

Leader of the Isle of Wight council is accused of being “out of touch” and “should be making it easier to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste – not slashing access to much needed facilities,” say Isle of Wight Greens.

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Vix shares this latest news on behalf of the Isle of Wight Green Party. Ed

The sight of residents queuing up in their cars and blocking roads to Lynbottom Tip in the last fortnight has been described by local Greens as a ‘complete fiasco’.

Leader of the Isle of Wight council, Cllr Dave Stewart, has demonstrated how out of touch the administration is by urging Islanders to stay away and attend the tip when it’s quieter ‘between 4-6pm’.

“Unacceptable” changes
Parish councillor and IW Green spokesperson, Vix Lowthion, says,

“This is completely unacceptable.

“Our Council Tax has risen hugely this year – and yet our waste service opening hours have been slashed from opening at 7am in 2017 to waiting until 10am this summer.

“Working families and those with caring responsibilities cannot easily access the facilities during these limited hours.

“The complete failure to run our waste services sensibly will result in even more discarded material and a greater rise in fly-tipping littering our Island.”

“Thin end of the wedge”
Green Party Town and Parish Councillors believe that this disarray is only the thin end of the wedge.

In 2018, the Council have introduced a hefty £60 annual surcharge for each household to access garden waste collection, and their budget includes plans to scrap the mobile waste collection service in our towns, as well as nearly 40% of all Island bottle banks.

Vix Lowthion continues,

“The Council should be arranging village and town collections for shredding and mulching – thereby avoiding 20 mile car and lorry trips to transport grass cuttings.

“They should be making it easier to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste – not slashing access to much needed facilities.

“I urge our Council to urgently re-evaluate their waste strategy and provide a service which works for the Islanders who fund it.”

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Monday, 30th April, 2018 6:59am



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The situation at Lynbottom is a disgrace. The new opening hours of 10-6 mean that your average 9-5 worker has no way of dropping their waste to the recycling centre in the working week, short of leaving it to stagnate in their car for 8 hours while they work. This would maybe be ok if their were long opening hours at the weekend to compensate, but alas… Read more »
I have never believed in the Green Island claim..if we were truely committed all of our policies would be aligned. I have for example just come back from a trip to Somerset and signs are everywhere for Car Share encouraging people to share their journey. Just one of many examples I could cite. Vix is right.. The leader is mistaken if he believes reducing access will improve… Read more »
Steve Goodman
Leader Dave, other political servants, and almost all of the rest of us could instead help by looking longer at the undeniable and increasing mass of evidence of the suicidal insanity of pursuing policies contributing to the ever rising financial and social costs of choosing to aggravate avoidable damaging environmental and economic collapse; other options are available, and if we are lucky it still might not be… Read more »
Steve Goodman


A new film related to our “Green Island claim” is due to be premiered at 7pm on Sunday June 17th at the Riverside Centre in Newport. For free.

Green Island – what a joke. You drive from South Wight to Lynbottom with a car load of rubbish, find there is a long queue and a sign telling you not to block the road. Do they expect you to say “Oh dear, I’d better take all this back home until I find a time when there isn’t congestion.” How often do they expect us to use… Read more »

The arrogance of Dave Stewart when he says “a change of behaviour is needed from residents…” !

I do not believe it

‘Jamboree’ states that “The situation at Lynbottom is a disgrace”.True, it is. Cllr. Stewart is a disgrace too. In fact I cannot believe that there is anywhere in the country that is governed by such a bunch of turpitudinous clowns.

I went to the tip with a load of garden rubbish one morning a few days ago (before this nonsense surfaced). The queue was back to the traffic lights by the Hare and Hounds. There must be roadworks somewhere up Briddlesford Road, I thought to myself, so I joined the very slowly moving line of traffic. Some half-hour later I reached the top of the hill to… Read more »

If you don’t like spending cuts stop voting in these politicians. They don’t always cut back on spending on the poor and helpless. I noticed many of those appalled now were quiet then.


And a quote straight from Amey’s own website.

“Amey has strong experience and an excellent reputation at managing centres elsewhere in the country. As well as running an efficient and cost effective service,

Yet to be seen!