One-way system and reduced speed limit when Isle of Wight dump reopens

The restrictions are coming into place as the rubbish dump reopens to managed bookings. Details within

one way - another way signs

To facilitate the reopening of Lynnbottom Waste and Recycling Centre (ie, the dump) one-way traffic restrictions will be put in place on Briddlesford Road from next week.

One-way system
From its junction with Gravel Pit Lane to its junctions with Long Lane, Briddlesford Road will be one-way in a north to south direction. On-street signage will depict the exact time the restriction will come into effect.

New speed limit
In addition, between its junctions with Gravel Pit Lane and Long Lane, the speed limit will be altered to a maximum of 30mph.

The restrictions come in to force from Monday 11th May 2020. On-street signage will depict the exact times the restrictions come into effect.

For details of how to book a slot at the tip, see New booking system in place for reopening of Isle of Wight rubbish tips.

Image: enidmartindale under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 6th May, 2020 4:50pm



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where is gravel pit lane ?


So, this obviously doesn’t bother myself but how do people who do not have internet access, computer, smart phone or similar book a slot?

A bit over the top, no? At 20 cars per hour the “queue” won’t even back out onto the main road. If the IWC wanted to improve the situation there then the right turn into the tip should be closed permanently so that everyone has to approach the tip from the Robin Hill roundabout. Simples! Of course if it was any other business the IWC would have… Read more »

If you could clean and polish each item of refuse this would be appreciated. A certificate verifying your item’s status as refuse may also be of benefit. If staff permit you to offload your refuse, bear it mind, whatever bin you put it in, it will be wrong. Kind regards.


I don’t get why you would have to book