Shackleton dementia ward will close indefinitely, say IW NHS

The ward was refurbished to the tune of £200,000 earlier this year after being deemed ‘not fit for purpose’ by the CQC. Now the NHS say the ward won’t reopen.

Doors to Shackleton Ward

The Shackleton dementia ward will close indefinitely — just three months after reopening following a £200,000 refurbishment.

The St Mary’s Hospital ward will not reopen as a service for older people after the Care Quality Commission (CQC) raised concerns about the standard of care provided to patients, the Isle of Wight NHS Trust confirmed today (Friday).

Instead, patients will be cared for in the community.

Patients sent to mainland
However, the new community service has yet to be set up — which means patients who need specialist dementia care will be sent to mainland hospitals in the meantime.

Shackleton was closed in August due to staff shortages.

The trust said at the time it did not have enough suitably experienced staff to care for patients.

£200,000 refurbishment
It had only reopened in June, after it was refurbished with new furniture and facilities to make it more homely and welcoming for patients.

Prior to that, the ward was closed in April after it was deemed ‘unfit for purpose’.

The Care Quality Commission had rated it inadequate, along with other trust services.

During the closure, patients were sent to mainland hospitals.

The trust said the ward would be used again in the future, but it did not know in what capacity.

NHS: This ward won’t reopen
A spokesperson said:

“This ward won’t reopen. The new community service will replace it permanently.

“The CQC report, published after the ward was closed to admissions, does raise concerns about the quality of care provided and that was an important part of the decision not to reopen the ward.”

CQC inspectors raised concerns about the quality of care and lack of clinical managerial support.

They also found confidential information was not kept safe.

The trust board has agreed to set up a new service supporting older people in their homes, or nursing and care homes, rather than on a hospital ward.

Community-based service “will be better for those needing support”
Dr Lesley Stevens, the trust’s director of mental health and learning disabilities, said:

“We have been working with our clinical commissioners and have agreed that Shackleton Ward will remain closed indefinitely because of a shortage of staff.

“The community-based service will be better for those people needing support, their families and the wider community.

“Creating this new service fits with the priorities set out in the Mental Health Blueprint and the Isle of Wight Health and Care Plan, both show that to improve mental health services we must change our model of care to be more community-based.”

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Friday, 13th September, 2019 5:28pm



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Dr. Stevens, tell us why you and your colleagues didn’t realise ‘a community based service will be better for those people needing support, their families and the wider community’ BEFORE spending a fifth oF a million pounds on Shackleton this very year.

Why is your reason of ‘staff shortage’ causing the closure different from the CQC concerns?

Ever thought of politics as a career?

Alternative Perspective
There is nothing wrong with seeking to make efficiencies and savings, but every CEO knows the year on year relentless pursuit inevitably reaches a tipping point when quality becomes seriously compromised, and rather than making savings, costs begin to rise exponentially. In my opinion St Mary’s faces a deliberately engineered crisis to drive forward the STP agenda. This Virtual Care strategy simply to save money is a… Read more »

Pray tell me what is STP? – is it sexually transmitted?

Alternative Perspective

Sustainability and Transformation Plan

Alternative Perspective

Also known by those who do not trust the governments motives with our NHS as Slash, Trash and Privatise.

Sally Perry

Details here: STP Archive


STP’s is about cost cutting, privatisation and denying people the evidence based treatments for which they’ve paid for and entitled to


St Mary’s chaotic management letting down the most vulnerable residents again gives rise to the view that our Hospital Trust is not fit for purpose.


Yet another Isle of Wight NHS service to be stealthily privatised by Dr Stevens then. She’s already handed over millions of your money to unqualified, untrained and ill equipped people who work for poverty level pay at Isorropia